Saturday, December 12, 2009

I was looking at some of my families blog’s thinking, “Gosh I wish I could sew. You can make so many cute things with scraps, a sewing machine, and a little creativity.” (which I have none of the above)

Trevor hates spending money, therefore, when his pants get HUGE holes in them, he wants me to repair them rather than buying a new pair. I always take his pants over to my Grandma Harper and she fixes them in no time at all. She makes it look so easy. She tells me she got lots of practice raising 5 boys on a farm. Well one afternoon I called my grandma and said, “I have another pair of Trevor’s pants that need to be patched. His wallet keeps falling out of his back pocket, so I guess it’s time you work your magic!” I headed to my grandma’s house, stopping at my mom’s house on the way to get an old pair of jeans out of the “scrap jeans” box so I could cut a patch. (I figured if grandma did all the work, the least I could do is supply my own patch!) When I got to grandma’s house she said, “You have watched me enough. Why don’t you try this pair on your own. I will be here to help and supervise.” I thought, “Great! I should have paid closer attention all those times before.” Well, grandma and I got visiting and laughing like we always do and she would coax me along the way. Hours later, the pants looked as good as new! I took them home to Trevor SO PLEASED with the way they turned out. You could hardly even tell they had been fixed they looked so good. All I can say is, leave it to Trevor to find the flaw! He began inspecting the jeans, starting at the back pocket where the problem was. He got a smile on his face, raised his eyebrows, and started nodding his head like, “Not to shabby!” He was totally impressed! He then turned the pants around and looked down the pant leg, still nodding his head. I was ticked! He really was impressed! Then he turned the pants around, to inspect the back one more time. Suddenly he burst out laughing. I said, “What the heck are you laughing at?!” He then pointed to the little 2” x 2” square hole that had been cut out of the leg of the pants. WOOPS! We both just rolled on the floor laughing!

Moral of the story: Don’t cut your patch out of the pants you are trying to fix!


Abram said...

Aubry, you are the best.

This totally cracks me up. Better luck next time!

Erica Marshall said...

OMG that is so funny. Better luck next time!!! Love and miss you guys!

Dani said...

haha, that is the best story ever! That totally sounds like something I would do :)

biff, rosie and hazel said...

Biff and I just read this tonight for the first time, and loved it! We are laughing our heads off. Thanks for the tip. ;)