Sunday, May 9, 2010

“Aubry, Never say never.”

On this Mother’s Day, I was reminded of a phrase my mom always used to say. “Aubry, Never say never!”

Growing up, when referring to having my own children I would say things like:
----I will NEVER let my kids have a nasty nose, and on the rare occasion that they may (due only to sickness of course), I will NEVER wipe their buggers with my hand (or their drool for that matter.)
----I will NEVER let my baby taste something off of my finger and then lick it off my finger myself!
----If I decide to breastfeed, I will NEVER do it in public! (restaurant, sacrament meeting, etc)
----I will NEVER let my kids wear their pajamas out of the house.
----I will NEVER name all of my kids starting with the same letter, or the same letters as me and my husband. (Ex: using all “A’s” since my name is Aubry and all “T’s” for Trevor.)

Last but not least I WILL NEVER NAME MY BABY BEFORE THEY ARE ACTUALLY BORN! (Because how do you know what their name is without looking at them?!?! It’s okay to have a few names picked out, but actually naming them….??---NO!)

Well, I am here to admit that I all ready see myself breaking the rules. Before Trevor and I got married we talked about a lot of things, but we obviously NEVER talked about my list of “my kid will never….or I will never” because he has named our baby Alivia and no matter how many times I call her Norah or Lydia or anything else her name IS and WILL BE Alivia so I might as well start calling her that now! He is breaking 2 rules: He has named her before she is here AND her name starts with an “A!” (Funny because the 2 boy’s names that we like start with “T’s!” ) Heaven help me that I will not break anymore of my rules!

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Jenn said...

So funny!! Don't worry I'm sure you will break more of your "rules"--just part of being a mom!! By the way, I love the name Alivia!!! I think it's so cute with an A!!